Strategic Innovation Certification

Strategic Innovation Certification

To help organizations reduce the risks and costs associated with attempts of growth creation, establish best practices, and identify those individuals who have demonstrated their ability to deliver valuable real-life consistent results in the realm of Strategic Innovation, we have created the Strategic Innovation Certification Program. It is based on the General Theory of Innovation and Design for Advantage™ methodology.

Strategic Innovation Certification Requirements

There are two levels of the Strategic Innovation Certification: Certified Strategic Innovation Associate (CSIA) and Certified Strategic Innovation Professional (CSIP).

To become a Certified Strategic Innovation Associate, a candidate has to meet the following requirements.

To become a Certified Strategic Innovation Professional, a candidate has to meet the following requirements.

  • Having valid CSIA certification
  • Completion of the Advanced Course
  • Demonstration of the candidate’s ability to successfully apply the Strategic Innovation methodology to a real-life project. While the project’s specific objectives may vary, but it has to be of the strategic nature. The project success has to be verified by the management of an organization that benefits as a result of the applicant’s activities in the form of a letter confirming practical value of the project results.
  • Time Requirements
    The project has to be completed (including submission of the report) within one year of completing the Advanced Course.

Strategic Innovation Certification Renewal Requirements

Each certification is valid for two years. To qualify for the automatic renewal, a professional has to meet the following requirements.

  1. Membership in the IPI Global Network
    Being a member of IPI global professional network ensures keeping your knowledge and a set of skills up to date. The Network membership has two levels: basic (free-of-charge) and premium ($90.00 annually). While having different benefits, both levels provide free access to the discussions forum, timely information updates, discounts for in-person attendance of professional events, etc. Regular updates of the material and best practices should be expected, as we continuously receive practitioners’ feedback, rigorously monitor performance of our processes and tools, and put our earnest efforts aimed at improving their effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. Professional Contribution
    On the bi-annual basis, the professionals are required to pen an article dedicated to any aspect of the methodology (e.g. improvement of best practices, processes, tools, so on) and/or its practical application (case study, improvement in teaching techniques, etc.)

For specific courses dates, venues, and registration, please visit the Strategic Innovation Workshops page.