About Us

We are the Strategic Innovation Practice of the Institute of Professional Innovators (IPI)

Our mission is to provide both individuals and organizations (including nonprofit entities and government agencies) with the knowledge, skills and tools required for developing their “Strategic Innovation On-Demand” capability, which will enable you to create and sustain financial growth through developing:

  • The “RIGHT” Solution
  • To the “RIGHT” Problem
  • At the “RIGHT” Time
  • EVERY Time

These results are possible due to the General Theory of Innovation (GTI), the only scientific theory of innovation that has PRESCRIPTIVE and PREDICTIVE capabilities. By mastering GTI and its application to Strategic Innovation, you will be able to:

  • Precisely identify the upcoming challenges the market will bring.
  • Reliably identify the future of industries, products and services.
  • Learn and master those processes, tools, and “how-to” techniques that lead to reliable identification of customers’ future and latent needs.
  • Create winning / advantageous organizational strategies using this new knowledge of future trends.

In other words, you will gain complete control over the subject of strategic innovation, reverse the odds of success in your favor, and make the entire process manageable and predictable, thereby ensuring continual prosperity of your organization. If you seek to outcompete your rivals, create sustained competitive advantage, maximize profits while minimizing risks and costs, you are at the right place. We invite you to visit the Institute of Professional Innovators primary site to learn more about mission, values, innovation services and encourage you to explore how our partnership can benefit you.